Monday, May 23, 2016

Fish & Chips (in) Bondi


After years of hearing and seeing the popular tourist spot Bondi Beach in tv, travel magazines and online, I knew that no matter what, I would have to take some time off to visit this place if i'm ever when I'm in Sydney. 

I'm not really one for touristy places. I always believe that the little hidden gems the locals patronise are almost always better than that same one common area/place/monument of interest that 200 different brands of travel guides/books recommend. However being in Singapore, lets face it.. The quality of our beaches are pretty shitty. Coarse grimy sticky sand and murky dull waters. With clear blue skies and water as clear and bright as my future(jk) I knew I had to make it to Bondi no matter what. And I'm glad I did.

This is a mini compilation of Fish and Chip(becos aussie fish n chips are kickass) spots that I've tried around the Bondi area. This is no way a compilation guide of the best 'fish and chips around bondi' or anything because there are many, far many for me to try during the span of my trip there. But fingers crossed that I will be able to add on to this list in the future when I return to Sydney!

Now lets get started on this picture heavy post of fried fish and the sea.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mr Wong Sydney



As an asian I've always been very skeptical about the authenticity, taste and bastardisation of asian food in western countries. Personally, I've always felt that the best Asian food comes from of course, Asia itself because we see so many western chefs attempting to take their own spin on a dish and failing and/or trying to do horrible fusions. Mr Wong is definitely one place you can enter, and leave happy. While the food is not really traditional asian(who cares?) it's beautiful, well made and delicious, and that's all that matters. I loved it so much I made sure I came back for a second visit before I flew back to Sg.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hai Xian Lao 海鲜捞


For any Singaporean, a good hot pot meal is definitely on our lists of satisfying comfort food. Communal styled fare is very popular among asian culture and with hotpot/steamboat meals, it's probably the epitome of such. 

There has been a lot of hype going on for a long time with steamboat restaurants here in asia. It's not hard to see why with such a comforting and satisfying plus sometimes healthy kind of fare. Japanese Shabu Shabu, Chinese, Thai styled mookatas ( even though mookata focuses more on the grilling/bbq side)....

 I was a fan of Crystal Jade's steamboats since years back.. Back then before MBS was built Marina had a huge ass stretch of steamboat places. Bugis/beach road now houses a shitload of them , I've been to one on beach road few years back but I'm not a fan because their chunks of frozen meats and seafood thawing their ass off in metal containers was fucking revolting to me. I'd rather pay more for quality than 15, 17 dollars just to satisfy a steamboat craving with horrible quality meat in unhygienic conditions. 

I've never been to Hai Di Lao unlike half of the Singaporean population and 101% of the Singaporean basic bitch community (hahahahahaa you know its true ya) because cheapo me doesn't believe in spending >$60/$70 on steamboat. Unless you're offering me kobe. Hello 60 bucks can get me a good dry aged steak PLUS a glass of wine...????? and steak for the win ALWAYS........ sooooo... Since Hai Xian Lao seems pretty similar to Hai Di Lao and with a lighter price tag to boot, I decided to give it a try.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grilled seafood by the streets of bangkok


One true beauty of traditional thai food among many others are their street side stalls.
It's fast, good, cheap and fucking delicious. I personally could live by eating off thai street food alone for the rest of my life with an occasional wagyu sashimi and foie treat, I'm a big big fan of it and it's probably the thing I miss most abut thailand whenever I come back from my trips.

 Many people are concerned about the safety, hygiene and quality of these road side treats but I personally have never refrained myself from patronising them (unless i really see cockroaches and rats nibbling on the food itself lah) and I have never gotten any food poisoning/ the runs (only from the chilli).

To those of you - minority people who shun street side delights and would rather eat unauthentic fare for ten times the price in an air conditioned franchised restaurant , you are missing out big time and you should eat lollipops for the rest of your life.

 A couple of flies buzzing around the food isnt gonna give you an ebola infested life of misery, calm down people.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Salut Hawker


If you're craving for quality french/german/seafood at reasonble prices in Sg ,
you can thank heavens for this place.

tucked away in the heartlands of bukit merah, Salut hawker serves unconventional non-typical hawker food at pocket-friendly prices.

Basically, Salut kopitiam is a hawker with various stalls serving more angmoh (if you happen to be an angmoh reading this please dont get offended and call me a racist just cause of that ok. Love to angmohs x)  styled food like the german schweinshaxe (german pork knuckle and no I do not know how to pronounce that), bangers and mash, french food , PLUS they sell draft beer and ciders!! erdinger on tap and duck confit in a coffeeshop, what are the odds... PLUS THEY HAVE FOIE GRAS!!!!!!!!!!!! FOIE GRAS IN A HAWKER??????? wow don't mind if i do.....

Friday, November 7, 2014

Feedlot Bar & Grill


I can confidently say that the top contender on every foodie's list will be a well done (NO I DO NOT MEAN COOKED ALL THE WAY THROUGH) steak. Beautifully pink with that great beefy flavour, not drenched in overpowering nonsense sauces, served in a great medium rare. While its not difficult to whip up a great steak considering you only need a quality slab of cow, salt and pepper, not all places that serve steak do a good job at it.

so........ THANK GOD I FOUND FEEDLOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!